This is the best web development tool available! All the elements for making a website you I find in Coda. Coda is developed by Panic who also made ftp upload software program Transmit. Coda is a beautiful multifunctional webdevelopment tool.


text editor + transmit + css editor + terminal + books + more =



Coda has a text editor like any other tool, nothing fancy about it. But it works good and simple. Almost every code language you can use in Coda. The next thing is the preview area. Coda shows everything exactly how it looks in Safari. With the CSS editor you can easily create a good CSS. And with the option books you can research everything about ,PHP HTML, javascript and css. See in the example here below.

I’ve you made a website you can save the website with all the other websites you’ve made. I think this is a really good option. You can easily change something on the website and with the build in transmit you can upload it. So the website is online very quick.

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  • Anthony Damasco

    how would you compare this software to dreamweaver CS3?

  • admin

    I rather use coda because its a light program. Dreamweaver is to complex i think. What do you use?

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