Today I’m together with Harmen Haan at RubyEnRails 2009 in Amsterdam! Good talks today about ruby, rails and jQuery. The most interesting speakers were from the members of the rails core team. Jeremy Kemper and Yehuda Katz were talking about Rails3! To Quote Yehuda “Its just better”.

For the people who are not there you can follow the twitterstream via #RER2009. And there are some slides uploaded today. I know there was a video camera, so they are online soon i think.

There is one slide from Eloy Duran online about Mac Ruby!

Slides by Eloy Duran – Mac ruby


photo by chielwester


photo by bartligthart

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  • Stephan Kaag

    I guess you mean ‘were’ where you said ‘where’. Nevertheless… what a great conference! Hope to see al tomorrow!

  • admin

    yes! thanks for the type fix!

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