Some quick tips on how to learn Ruby on Rails.

1. Start learning Ruby with “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine

If you want to learn Rails first you need to know a bit about programming in general. Chris Pine learns you all the basic things about programming in the Ruby language. He explains things like Array’s, Strings, Hashes and if else statements are. I highly recommend to start with this ruby tutorial. This way you have a good basic set of skills to make you a good Rails programmer. You can buy his book  Learn to Program or you can do the tutorial on his website.

2. Rails for Zombies

Rails for Zombies is a pretty easy and good solution if you want to learn the basics of Ruby on Rails. You dont need to install anything on your computer just watch the video and do some exercises in the browser afterwards.


The first two tips are about learning ruby and getting started with rails. explains the whole process of building an application in Rails. It starts with installing the right version of ruby and rails on your computer so you can get an app running locally. In the tutorial they are going to make a demo application that looks like twitter. While making the application they learn you how to programme in Ruby on Rails. is the best way to learn Ruby on Rails. The website explains the whole process of building a website in rails. Step by step they explain the nature of a rails app, how to work with git, understanding Model View Controller and Test Driven Development. You can read the book online for free or buy the pdf for 39 Dollar.

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