Interesting interview with Ryan Singer who works at 37signals. He gave this interview after he did a talk at the ‘future of web apps’ conference earlier this year. The one thing thats I think is really interesting is that 37signals is working on a new way of making mobile phone apps with HTML5. They don’t like the way how they are building mobile apps right now.

So the people at 37signals are working on a new development process for building HTML5 phone apps. Ryan said “It’s basically like rails but all build on a javascript”. They use CoffeeScript which is doing javascript but looks like ruby and for the templates they are using eco. Eco lets you embed CoffeeScript logic in your markup, eco looks like the rails erb files. So this ruby inspired way of making mobile phone apps looks like the rails development process 37signals is currently using. I’m looking forward to see it go open source.

Ryan Singer at Future of Web Apps, London 2010 from Ryan Singer on Vimeo.

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