How to Take your Start-Up to the Next Level

Aaron Patzer founder and creator of mint talks about how to make your idea happen. Subjects are usability tests, funding, choose a business name and get a domain name, competition, scale your business, getting big before the launch, link love, guerrilla marketing and getting real.


Cloud App

I just found a really cool app for sharing content FAST. If you want to share a new song you just found drag the file into the menubar and the link is there for you automatically in your clipboard!  I think Cloud App beats dropbox for exchanging files fast. Sign up here.  Only for mac…

Minimal WebDesign

The most minimal and simple website I ever made! This is the first basic version. It’s a portfolio of a painter from Holland named Bart Bosma. It’s made with wordpress as a CMS.

Cloud Computering

via flickr

cloud computering

10 Top FREE SEO Resources to help with your marketing campaign.

Bart has very kindly agreed with me to do a few guest posts on this site, and here is the first one of those – looking at 10 free resources/tools to help with your SEO efforts.

Nowadays many people are choosing to carry out SEO activities themselves. The concepts are not too difficult, and the benefits obvious. Access to the correct tools and resources can help kick-start your campaign. I’ve highlighted some basic links here, along with some more advanced items – we use all these sites when conducting research for our clients @ – Enjoy!

Picture zenseo – Yahoo Site Explorer

A comprehensive view of all the sites which link to a particular website. Great tool for researching backlinks. – Link Diagnosis.

Similar to YSE, however will go into more detail, such as Anchor text, PageRank etc. – Google Top 1000 SERPs checker.

Great way to see where a site ranks for specific keyword. Can be used on practically any country Google site and up to the first 1000 results. Essential – Search Engine Rankings

Another SERPs ranking tool – will crosscheck Google, Yahoo & Bing – 20 Essential blog directories to submit your blog to.

Does what it says on the tin. Invaluable to any blog owner. Right Bart? – Google Analytics

Perhaps the most obvious entry in this list. If you don’t have it on your site – get it now. It’s free and will tell you where all your visits are coming from! – Excellent Analytics

You have GoogleAnalytics? You Have Excel? Export to excel with the wonderful tool. Great for custom reports. – Keyword Density Tool

Keyword Density is an Important part of SEO – this tool will analyse any page in seconds. Nice interface – Directory Critic

Provides a good list of mainly quality directories. Good for sniffing out the relevant directories for your specific niche. – Bad Neighbourhood Tool

Exchanging links with websites that have been penalized can have detrimental results on your site. Run any prospect site through this tool to ensure they are good.

So please, take a look through these tools, bookmark them – and have some fun with them!

I shall (hopefully) be returning to write an updated post, expect to see: Social sites, leading blogs, other leading resource sites and yes – more tools!

If you would like any more info on SEO Services or any of these tools – come and visit me @

Thanks for reading,

RubyEnRails 2009

Today I’m together with Harmen Haan at RubyEnRails 2009 in Amsterdam! Good talks today about ruby, rails and jQuery. The most interesting speakers were from the members of the rails core team. Jeremy Kemper and Yehuda Katz were talking about Rails3! To Quote Yehuda “Its just better”.

For the people who are not there you can follow the twitterstream via #RER2009. And there are some slides uploaded today. I know there was a video camera, so they are online soon i think.

There is one slide from Eloy Duran online about Mac Ruby!

Slides by Eloy Duran – Mac ruby


photo by chielwester


photo by bartligthart

Blue Shots with Werner Vogels CTO of Amazon


What is Omegle a funny website made by a Leif k Brooks. Brooks is a 18 yo male from vermont. He programmed Omegle that connects you to a random stranger on the website. I just talked to some people from Brazil and the UK. Really funny website if you’re bored. Leif k Brooks was called by some guys at silicon valley and asked him if he needed work. But he refused because he wanted to finish school and then study computer technology.



Matias Najle made an cool tool. In flash he made a drum pattern with all daft punk samples. Harder Better Faster Stronger! You can trigger the samples with youre keyboard! Here you can use IDaft!

daft punk idaft samples

Baltimore Club

I started a new blog about baltimore club! Baltimore Club is a music genre based in Baltimore. Related to house, hiphop and miamibass. Used a wordpress blog albeo theme and made some modifications.

baltimore club screenshot


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