My big friend Anthony Damasco has collected some cheatsheets

Here is a rar file full of programming cheat sheets in PDF formats. It covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Website SEO, jQuery, Durpal, WordPress and more. Cheat sheets are a great way to remember a large amount of information. Entry to mid level programmers should always have cheat sheets handy around there computer while programming. While the sheets are visually available you will become more and more familiar with formats, functions, and santax.


See below the list.

1.) liquidicity HTML Help Sheet
2.) Addison-Wesley’s JavaScript Reference Card
3.) The most common DOM methods at a glance
4.) Smarty Cheat Sheet for Template Designers
5.) Expression Engine Quick Reference Chart
6.) CSS Cheat sheet (w3c recommended) LVL 1
7.) CSS Cheat sheet (w3c recommended) LVL 2
9.) MySQL Injection Cheat Sheet
10.) CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet by Example
11.) CSS CHEAT SHEET – At a glance
12.) Drupal 6.x Core Hooks Cheat Sheet, valid as of January 20th, 2008
13.) XHTML Cheat Sheet v. 1.03
14.) Cake PHP Cheat Sheet
15.) CSS2.1 Quick Reference Card
16.) jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet v1.0
17.) Javascript Quick Reference Card
18.) Prototype JavaScript Library 1.5.0
19.) Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 2)
20.) RGB Color Codes Sheet
21.) Full CheatSheet for Javascript-Framework mootools rev 1.2
22.) Mysql Cheatsheet
23.) Filtering & Escaping
24.) html character entities
25.) PHP 4 Cheat Sheet
26.) PHP PCRE Cheat Sheet
27.) The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet
28.) jQuery API 1.2 Sheet
29.) JQuery Visual Map
30.) Web Term Cheat Sheet
31.) WordPress 2.0 Plugin API
32.) WordPress Theme Cheatsheet
33.) Drupal cheat Sheet

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