Favicons are small icons in you’re browser before the link of the website. The icons are used by Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla and Opera. They are also used as bookmarks and in IE favorite. With a favicon the website is easy to remember and it looks professional. I will show you how to make a favicon in seconds!

Create favicon

The size of a favicon is 16×16 and the filename is favicon.ico and ico means icon. So how to make a favicon quick and easy.

Create a logo in photoshop or pick a picture, it doesn’t matter what size it is. Save the picture as gif, jpg, png, or bmp. Don’t forget to make the picture less than 150kb. Go to Dynamic Drive’s Favicon maker. And upload the picture/logo.

You see the picture after before the link name. Than click on download favicon. Now you’ve downloaded the favicon.ico file. Upload this file to the root on you’re server. See of it works check http://www.ownsite.com/favicon.ico

Than place this code from the favicon maker in the head of the html page. And you’re done!

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  • http://blog.anthonydamasco.com Anthony Damasco

    you can also go http://www.favicon.cc/ to make a favicon ^^

  • admin

    yes i know this site only its not working well with safari

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