This is an illustrator tutorial how to make a pattern and making swirls. Maybe this aren’t swirls because i don’t know the name exactly. But lets make it easy so say swirls. There are a lot of ways to work with swirls, i let you show how you make a design using swirls.


Making patterns

To make a simple pattern you first make a circle with the elipse tool.

Than you pick the direct selection tool and click on the right point. Hold shift and select the point to the right.

The pattern is almost done, but i want to make it sharp corner. So i click on the first button “convert selected archor points to corner”. So now is the pattern ready and you can save the pattern.

Saving pattern

Click on the right button in the brushes window, than click on new brush.

Than you click on “New Art Brush”.

Do the options just like the example below. In the direction option you can choose the way the pattern is going. With the narrow side at the front. In the option colorization you select the option “Tints and Shades” or “Tints”. So you can give the pattern a color.

Making the swirl

So now we can make the swirl. Select the spiral tool, make the spiral and select the brush. You are free in how the shape looks like. 

The next step is to take the arc tool. Hold shift and select the arc tool from left to right. So this is the second piece you’ve made. 

The second piece that you’ve made must be placed behind the big spiral. And copy paste the second piece and put another behind the big spiral. Each time you must rotate the second piece a bit. And do this on the whole line. Than you must choose the colors, i choose for a pink/light purple. In my design the outside is a bit more dark.

So this is the result, with this big swirl you can make a lot of cool things and varieties.

To make this design you must delete some second pieces. Than select everything and copy paste the design. So now you have two the same designs, select the second design and right click on the design, go to transform->reflect->vertical. The next thing is to connect this designs togheter. So now is the design ready and i can go to sleep!



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