Pixelart is the first digital art. Mostly used in Atari and Commodore 64. The reason was that they couldn’t use more pixels because there was not enough space on the disk. Today it is possible to go extremely detailed like GTA4. But back in the days it was different.

Enough talk i show you some games.

Theme Hospital by Bullforg Productions.  1997

A game from 1997 with a lot of humor. Download at dosgamesonline!

Duke Nukem 3D. 1996

Come get some! I played this game for years on my windows95. The game was inspired by Rambo and other superheroes with a lot of muscles. The game was heavily criticized because of the pornography. Everywere in the game there where sex posters. For many people this was this expliciet content a reason to play the game

Download at 3drealms.com

Jazz JackRabbit 1994

Who didn’t played this game?

Download at Dutchfurs.com

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    Nice list of games.I have never play these but i would love to try these.Keep it up in future too.

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