Marc-André Cournoyer is a coder from Montréal who made his own programming language. Why? Why not! Download a sample here and buy the book and the screencast over here.


The system will walk you through each step of language-building. Each section of the book will introduce a new concept and then apply its principles to a language that we’ll build together. All technical chapters end with a Do It Yourself section that suggest some language-extending exercises. You’ll find solutions to those at the end of this book.

Our language will be dynamic and very similar to Ruby and Python. All of the code will be in Ruby, but I’ve put lots of attention to keep the code as simple as possible so that you can understand what’s happening even if you don’t know Ruby. The focus of this book is not on how to build a production-ready language. Instead, it should serve as an introduction in building your first toy language.

You can find a review over here.

Buy the book “Create your own programming language”here.

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